Exclusive 3-story villa with a private pool in Yalova

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M2 350
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The 350 m2 villa, eligible for Turkish citizenship, accommodates 6 bedrooms, a private pool, and a beautiful garden surrounded by bushes and trees.

This fabulous 6-bedroom villa is located in Yalova, 48 km from Istanbul. It is distributed over 3 floors, offering a living space of 350 m2, a well-tended beautiful garden, and a private swimming pool.  

Exclusive 3-story villa with a private pool in Yalova 0

The curvy design of the facade introduces sophistication and a modern feature to make a visual statement. The trees and surrounding bushes provide natural borders, preserving the residents' privacy and offering secluded bushland leading to the backyard's private pool. The ground floor is interspersed with floor-to-ceiling 3-panel windows, letting an abundant natural light internally and bringing nature into the villa generously. The main lounge opens onto the garden and pool area through the patio doors with wooden beams that deliver a sense of warmth and organic softness.

Exclusive 3-story villa with a private pool in Yalova 1

The square footage of every floor decreases as you go upwards, adding a visual dynamism and generous space for the balconies. More specifically, the garden floor measures 146 m2, while the 1st floor is 123 m2, and the 2nd floor is 102 m2. Each floor has a balcony, expanding the living space and offering a smooth transition between the exterior and interior spaces. The second floor has a well-protected wraparound balcony from direct exposure to rain and sun. The balcony ceiling clad in wood lends a rustic flavor to the balcony that sits in an open conversation with the surroundings. Likewise, the floor-to-ceiling bay window on the third floor protrudes outwards gently, blurring the distinction between outdoors and indoors. This spacious villa offers a peaceful atmosphere to settle in, coexisting with nature based on these features.

Exclusive 3-story villa with a private pool in Yalova 2

Last but not least, this superb 6-bedroom villa also comes with investment potential. If you are a citizenship seeker, you can add the purchase of this villa to your citizenship portfolio. For further details, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


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